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[v1.33 -> 1.34]
   + bugfix: broken hyperlinks in event info box
   + bugfix: auto insert linebreaks
   + config: var $language_auto_select for control auto lang detection
   + bugfix: Pic-Selector did not work correctly (if more pics than table cols)
   + bugfix: JavaScripts did not work if script was called from external directory

[v1.31 -> 1.33]
   + bugfix: page break 
   + bugfix: mozilla support for status icon selector 
   + bugfix: problems using quotes in event-title/description
   + admin: returns to selected index-page after delete, change
   + admin: dates in reverse chronological order (latest first)
   + Back-Button in date's detail view
   + admin: confirmation for deleting entries
   + Printable view (Clean4Print)
   + Search functionality
   + introduced global var $base_url["jax_cal"] for setting base dir
   + auto update system (for updating csv files from versions less v1.33 to v1.33)

[v1.26 -> 1.31]

   + Restructuring of directory structures
   + changes language files (all variables included in array loc_lang)
     please send me your language file translation if made one!
   + improved calendar control:
       + prev. year + next year button
       + quick select for prev/next years, prev/next months
   + integration of mishoos dhtml calendar in admin frontend
   + icon for status field
   + selectable views: year, month, day
   + configurable start day of the week